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ROLLER GRILL CFG 400 Gas High-capacity Crepe Machine, 3.6 KW

  • Perfectly even cooking without heat loss on the edge: thanks to a star-shaped burner with 8 branches and to the plate fitted out with sprockets ensuring an homogeneous transfer of the temperature on the whole cooking surface
  • Performance and output : The enamelled cast-iron plate is perfectly smooth for a real contact cooking ensuring a direct temperature transfer: by slightly greasing the plate betweeneach pancake or crepe, you will get a perfectly honeycombed light and golden crepe with no caramelization or glazing!
  • Substantial energy saving: cook your crepes at only 200°C instead of 240°C as generally recommended on pure cast-iron plates !
  • Time saving and a perfect efficiency for an excellent cooking result: cook your crepe in 1 min instead of 2’30: 60 crepes / h instead of 26 till 30 on single crepe machine.
  • The outdoor crepe-machine CFG 400 is very compact and can be built-in in a work plan.
  • Features: star-shaped burner with 8 branches, Piezo lighting, control knob with low position, safety thermocouple.
- Cast-iron plate for blinis with 6 prints diamètre110 mm.
- Stainless steel Kit CK 3 (2 spatulas, 2 "T" in wood, 1 greasing pad)
- Mix for crepe batter (Pack of 1kg)


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