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Shoe polishing machine


Shiny shoes without effort -

foot-operated via button


Steel, powder-coated, matt black

With 3 low noise running rotary brushes:

- 2 polishing brushes made of Terylene (polyester)

for light or dark shoes

- 1 cleaning brush for coarse dirt

Shoe polish dispenser with ball valve for

100 ml liquid shoe polish, unfilled

Foot-operation via button (ON/OFF)

1 carry handle on the top of the device,

2 lateral recessed grips

Dirt collection matte for easy cleaning

Free of servicing motor

Power: 120 W / 230 V

Size: W 400 x D 240 x H 260 mm

Includes funnel for easy filling of

the shoe polish dispenser

Weight: 6.4 kg

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