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Spiral Kneader With Manual Liftable Head Fixed Head 38/FN

 Machine that produces different types of dough, especially indicated for

soft dough such as bread and pizza.
Structure lined with scratch-proof paint - parts in contact with food (basin, spiral
and kneader rod) made of stainless steel - safety micro switch on basin lid
- standard smoked polycarbonate lid on models 12-18-25-38. Models 7 and 50
are only available with stainless steel mesh lid.
CN and FN versions have a lifting top and the basin is only removable on the
CN version.
Optional: 2nd speed (excluding mod. 7), 0 - 30 minute timer, motor overload
cut-out, stainless steel mesh lid only for models 12-18-25-38, wheel kit and low
trolley with wheels.
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