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Here you could firn selected products, sorted by type of intended use - restaurant, pastry shop, cafeteria, meat producstion etc.


Pizza resturant (28)

Here you will find a small selection of the equipment necessary for a pizza resturant.

Bar Equipment (19)

Here you will find a selection of machines for your Bar. for complete list - browse the other categories of our online shop.

Snack Bar Appliances (43)

Here you will find a small selection of equipment for snack bar. You could browse the other categories for a complete ranges

Pastry shop (39)

Equipment for your pastry shop, refrigeration, ovens, pastry preparation

Resturants (42)

Equipment and accesories for your restaurant

Fast food (35)

Equipment and accesories for Fast Food restaurants, combiovens, self service lines, etc.

Catering equipment (25)

Equipoment and accesories for your catering activities, thermoboxes, thermocontainers, glass racks, trolleys, etc.

Meat shops (26)

Meat mincers, slicers, meat preparation, convection ovens

Supermarket equipment (42)

Equipment for your supermarket or shop, preparatory machines - meat mincers, potato peelers, vegetable cutters, convection ovens, refrigerated equipment, plexiglass and stainless steel containers for food

Meat processing (6)

Meat processing machines, meat mincers, mixers, salami stuffers, meat band saws, etc

Bakery (0)

Bakery equipment, bread ovens, bread trays

Equipment suitable for franchise Fornetti type (9)

Equipment suitable for franchise Fornetti type

Hotels (48)

Hotel guest amenities, minibars, bufet equipment, restaurant equipment, refrigeration and others

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